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Closed Refinance Loan

"Chae did everything that he said he would do. It took a little longer than anticipated but everything worked out well, could not have been happier. I believe that the delay was out of his control. He also told me that the whole process not cost me a dime, which was the truth. After working to get the original note (it took 9 months) I was very pleased with this short amount of time it took to do the refi.. I would not hesitate to forward his number to any one of my friends"
- dannythefish

Closed Purchase Loan

"Chae provided me with the lowest rate when I purchased my home in California. I received many different quotes and Chae was able to give me the best rates with no cost on a new mortgage. Once I agreed to get a mortgage from Chae, we had issues during the escrow process with the home builder and the appraisal. Chae was able to send out another appraiser without any notice and we closed on time. In the end, I got the lowest rate, lowest cost and closed on time. Great experience. I highly recommend Chae to anyone looking for a mortgage."
- Mike938

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